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Remote control Tele Radio T60TX-03STL with 3 channels at 433MHz

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  • Tele Radio

  • T60TX-03STL

  • 3 channels

  • 433MHz
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Handheld transmitter Tele Radio T60TX-03STL with 3 channels

The TeleRadio T60TX-03STL is a 3-channel handheld transmitter that functions on the frequency of 433MHz. Thanks to the stable model, this handheld transmitter can take a beating, which makes it suitable for wide use in various situations. In addition, the T60TX-03STL has 3 channels, allowing you to manage up to 3 different doors or gates. Ideal if you have multiple systems!

Also known as:

TeleRadio CO-TX-MDL3
International Door Automation

To be used as a replacement for:

Tele Radio T60TX-01MDL
Tele Radio T60TX-02MDL
Tele Radio T60TX-03MDL
Tele Radio T60TX-01SHL
Tele Radio T60TX-03SHL
Tele Radio T60TX-06SHL

Important to know:

This is the transmitter with a red LED that functions on 433MHz. There is also a version with a yellow LED that functions at 869MHz, and that is the T60TX-MDM3. Both handheld transmitters cannot be used interchangeably.

Program the handheld transmitter:

Set the DIP switches in the new handheld transmitter to the same settings in the old handheld transmitter. Do you no longer have an old handheld transmitter? Then view the settings in your receiver.


Number of pushbuttons 3
Radio Frequency 433MHz
Color of button Black
Color of LED Red
Radio code Teleradio Cougar T60
Number of channels 3
Rolling code? No
Self learning? No
Homelink compatibel? No
Brand Tele Radio

Remote control Tele Radio T60 DipSwitches Programming

Remote control Tele Radio T60 Programming