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Marantec is a well-known and reliable brand with years of experience in the field of door and gate drives.

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Recently, panic has arisen in Belgium with owners of automated gates. A story has been published in the media stating that there has been a burglary with the help of unauthorized tapping of the signal from a hand-held transmitter. This signal was recorded by means of a 'scanner' (recording box) while the users served their garage door without any knowledge of this incident. Then the burglars came back later and would secretly have opened the gate with the copied signal.

For the users of Marantec operators, who have doubts about the safety of their system, we can tell you the following:

Systems that do not have a rolling code work (like the old Marantec Multi-bit)are sensitive to this form of abuse. Mind you, the chance that an illegal attempt succeeds is minimal, but never excluded. The moment you use it Marantec Bi-Linked system, a thief can no longer easily intercept the code because it rotates time and time again.

What does this mean for the existing drives?

Marantec Comfort 260
Marantec Comfort 260 ACCU
Marantec Comfort 270
Marantec Comfort 280
Marantec Comfort 360
Marantec Comfort 360
Marantec Comfort 380

Do you have a gate automation as mentioned above with a software version from (= equal or higher) than 'R10''?
(Remove the hood and left on the 'control box' is a white sticker with an R code)
You can then use Bi-Linked transmitters with the existing modular receiver, provided it is a Marantec Digital 921. A factory reset deletes all existing settings and channels, after which you have to reset everything. Then program the Bi-Linked transmitters & nbsp; like the Marantec Command 572 in the manner described in the manual..

Do you have an above gate drive with a software version older (= lower) than 'R10'?
Then you can switch off your existing hand transmitters by deleting the code from the memory (see the manual of the drive). You can then purchase an unversal or plug-in receiver that is suitable for Bi-Linked transmitters. This receiver (Maranterc Command 993) connects to the pushbutton connection (contact 1 & amp; 2) Then you have to program the new hand transmitters, such as the Marantec Digital 572, on the drive again.

Do you have a Comfort 220, 250 of 252?
If you have an older drive such as the Comfort 220.2, 250.2 or 252.2, with a modular antenna in it, then this antenna can be replaced for a Marantec Digital 991 868MHz Bi-Linked antenna. This is suitable for functioning with the most secure Bi-Linked (hand) transmitters.