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Frequently asked questions hand transmitters/remote controls

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I have not received an order confirmation / invoice / track & trace code. What now?

Always check your spam box first. Usually the missed emails can be found there!

Our system automatically sends an order confirmation with an order. As soon as a payment has been made, an invoice will automatically be added to your email. We will not be able to provide you with an invoice as long as a payment transaction has not been completed. If the shipment is then sent via a parcel service, our system will again automatically send an email. However, a shipment via the letter box is not accompanied by a track & trace code and therefore no shipping document will be mailed. 

Which hand transmitter (s) should I choose?

Replacement of (or addition to) an existing installation:

Always buy a same hand transmitter equal to the existing one. Make sure that brand and type match. Our slogan "A key of a BMW does not fit on a Mercedes either" clearly explains why. But with hand transmitters it goes a step further. Besides brand and type, it is also important to look at the frequency at which it functions, the type of coding and the algorithm in the signal.

That is why it is necessary to pay attention to small details. For example, the color of the buttons often indicates the frequency. Other brands use small different ones in the colors of the print. Still others use small details such as a different lens color, LED color, location of the logo, shape of the logo, color of the logo o.i.d.

It may even happen that the previous supplier has added their own secret code to the installation. This 'installer code' must prevent other suppliers from supplying a hand-held transmitter for the installation. This code can be applied to a limited number of installations. Some brands that do this include JCM and the Cardin transmitters that are delivered via Heras.

Order only another brand or type of hand transmitter if we expressly indicate that it is the replacement of the model you are looking for.

Do you have a multi-channel hand transmitter, do you wonder if you actually need it? If you never use more than 1 (or 2) button (s), a 4-channel hand transmitter may not be necessary and a cheaper 1 or 2 channel hand transmitter can be purchased.


New installation of transmitter (s) and receiver:

Choose one of the latest technologies.ën. Then you opt for more security because the chance of unauthorized copying of the signal becomes virtually impossible.

Then look at the number of channels that you need. Often 2 channels is sufficient but you may have an installation where 3 or more channels have to be switched.

Then look at the number of hand transmitters (or codes) that can be programmed in the memory of the receiver.

Finally, the supply voltage of the receiver can be a choice. Most installations have a 12V or 24Vcd connection as standard to provide an external receiver with power. Sometimes it is better to opt for 230Vac. has a number of different sets with a receiver with 1 or more hand transmitters. The R4000 receiver is truly unique. This works with almost all brands of hand transmitters working on different frequencies. So everyone can use their own hand transmitter!

Do you want an extremely safe system, that is possible !! has a system where the hand transmitter can not be copied. Also, with this system it is NOT possible for unauthorized people to program additional transmitters in the receiver. Ask for our sales advisers!


My new hand-held transmitter does not work, what now?

Each hand transmitter must first be programmed on the receiver of the device to be operated. Without this programming, no hand transmitter will function. This is necessary for security reasons because otherwise your neighbors could buy a handheld transmitter with which they can open your door, and of course you do not want that!

The master hand transmitters have a leaflet. However, this often says nothing about the receiver, and how this hand transmitter must be programmed. That is why usually offers an adition instruction on the product page with the installation procedure and / or a video film.


Or the new hand-held transmitter does not work, or all old hand-held transmitters do not do it ..... how is that possible?

If you have programmed the new hand-held transmitter on the receiver, and all old hand-held transmitters does not work anymore, you may have erased the memory. But if you then program one old hand transmitter again, and all old ones do it again, but the new one does not ..., then there is a problem with the coding in the new hand transmitter. You probably forgot to transfer the code from an existing hand-held transmitter to the new hand-held transmitter. Please refer to the manual of the hand transmitter / receiver. 


How can I program the hand transmitter?

If you have a transmitter with DIP switches (micro switches), you have to set the DIP switches on the new hand transmitter identical as they are set on the working hand transmitter. The hand-held transmitter will then function immediately.

If the hand-held transmitter is "Self-learning" (transmitter-to-transmitter programming or (off-) site-program) you can read the manual of the hand-held transmitter how to copy the code from a working hand-held transmitter (master) to the new hand-held transmitter. The hand-held transmitter will then immediately work on the receiver. 

If the hand-held transmitter still does not work, or if it does not support the above methods, programming on the receiver is necessary. The engine / control / receiver manual clearly describes how it should be done. But usually it is not more than pressing one button on the receiver and then holding the hand transmitter for a few seconds until a light goes out.

Look in all cases at the instruction or manual that is indicated with the product in our webshop. 


I programmed it according to the manual, but it does not work yet. What now?

With certain models, it is possible to link an installer code to the receiver. Hand transmitters must therefore also have the same installer code. As a result, no new hand transmitters can be added to the receiver WITHOUT that they are provided with the correct code. Even if the hand transmitter supports the function side-prog "(duplicating hand transmitters by placing them together and then activating them in a certain way), with an installer code ONLY the initial supplier can program extra hand transmitters!

There is also a possibility that the memory of the receiver is full. Usually only a limited number of hand transmitters (codes) can be programmed. By clearing the memory and only programming the active hand transmitters again, the problem can be solved. There are also suppliers who deliberately fill the memory so that you can not program new hand transmitters yourself. Heras is a well-known example of this.


Can you not find the hand transmitter or manual on our site?

Send us an Email with clear pictures of the hand transmitter and / or drive. Pay particular attention to the fact that we would like to receive all type designations, connections and, if possible, the inside of the hand transmitter. If the texts on the photo are not clear enough, please mention them in the email. This way we can search together with you for the right parts and manuals!


What are the guarantee seals / quality seals?

Our products are checked for functionality and quality. At that time we will affix a guarantee seal or a quality seal. These seals can not be removed and recycled without being visible to the seal. See this manual. With this we can be certain that return-controlled products have not been opened and are suitable for resale. If the seal has been manipulated, we can not return these products under any circumstances.

I am a foreign entrepreneur and have paid VAT. How can I get it back?

During the ordering process it is possible to enter your VAT number from your organization. This number is checked online at the European Commission (VIES). If this number is correct, no VAT will be charged by the system. If you have entered an incorrect number, this will be displayed with an error message and VAT will be charged. If you do not fill in a number, VAT will of course also be charged. 

If you have an order placed and settled afterwards, but you still want to reclaim the VAT, you must do so at the tax authorities in your own country. For Belgium you can read on This website how this works. is a fully automated website with integrated administration and can NOT change invoices afterwards. If for any reason something needs to be changed, we have to call in our accountancy firm for which we have to pass on the costs to you.