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Remote controls and remote controls from Sommer. The German manufacturer known for its reliability and quality.

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Recently, panic has arisen in Belgium with owners of automated gates. A story has been published in the media stating that there has been a burglary with the help of unauthorized tapping of the signal from a hand-held transmitter. This signal was recorded by means of a 'scanner' (recording box) while the users served their garage door without any knowledge of this incident. Then the burglars came back later and would secretly have opened the gate with the copied signal.

For the users of Sommer drives, which have doubts about the security of their system, we can inform you of the following:

Systems that do not work with a rolling code (like the 40MHz hand transmitters with red push buttons) are sensitive to this type of abuse. Mind you, the chance that an illegal attempt succeeds is minimal, but never excluded. When you use the SomLoq or SomLoq2 system, a thief can no longer simply intercept the code by rotating it again and again.

What does your existing handheld transmitter say?
Sommer Gigacom = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer Pearl = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer Pearl Status = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer Pearl Twin = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer Pearl Vibe = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer Slider Vibe = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer Slider + = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer SomTouch + = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer Telecody + = rolling code (SomLoq2)
Sommer TRX40-868-4 = rolling code (SomLoq2) & nbsp;
Sommer TX02-40-2 = fixed code
Sommer TX02-434-2 = rolling code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX02-868 -2 = rolling code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX02-868-2B = rolling code (SomLoq1 Sommer TX02-868-2 (B) = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX03-40-5 = vaste code
Sommer TX03-868-2 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX03-868-4 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX03-868-4HP = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX04-868-10 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX04-868-30 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX08-868-4 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX10-P2 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX35-868-15 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Sommer TX40-868-4 = rollende code (SomLoq2)
Sommer TX55-868-4 = rollende code (SomLoq2)
Sommer TXR55-868-4 = rollende code (SomLoq2)
Som 4004 = vaste code
Som 4011 = vaste code
Som 4020 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Som 4022 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Som 4025 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Som 4026 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Som 4031 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Som 4035 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Som 4050 = vaste code
Som 4071 = rollende code (SomLoq1)
Som 4080 = rollende code (SomLoq1)

Do you have a system with a fixed code?
Then remove the code from the hand transmitter from the memory of your drive. The manual of your device describes how to do this.
Then pull the plug of the drive out of the socket.
Then pick up a new receiver (like the Sommer RX02B) and connect the long wire to the recipient as explained in the package leaflet. Connect the other side of the long wire to the input of the drive for the push button.
Press the receiver into the socket. Insert the plug of the drive into the receiver.
Then program the new Somloc1 hand transmitters such as the Sommer TX02-868-2 (B) in accordance with the manual.