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Which transmitters do I need?
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In our world are thousands of different hand transmitters in circulation. For the opening of garage doors, gates and business doors… but also for the activation of machines, transport systems and sun protection installations. We have a wide range of possibilities for the support of disables people. There are after all endless possibilities for the use of transmitters.

Different types
A lot of companies brought their own hand transmitters on the market. These remotes are often differentiated in frequency (27, 40, 433 & 868 Mhz.) but also in modulation (AM or FM), in the number of Bits (8, 16, 32, 64, 128 Bit), in fixed- or rolling code and in mono- or bi-directional traffic. And then there are of every kind remote control a variation of 1-2-4 channels or even many more channels with versions up to 100-channels.

Interchangeable or alternative
Suppliers purchase once in a while the transmitters from another producer and provide them with their own label. But it is possible that the they buy electronics and eventually make a cover by their selves around the transmitter. We have the knowledge and experience which remote controls compatible is with each other but especially which are not interchangeable. Particularly old variants (27 & amp; 40 Mhz.) are more and more difficult to supply. We have a completely replacement set, if the original wireless control and alternative are not available to deliver anymore. In this case you can add or replace a receiver what results in that your existing installation is operating with new remote controls.

Unattended expansion
Besides availability, have new wireless controls even more benefits. The oldest versions of hand transmitters, with a fixed code are unsafe because the signals are easy to catch up and unwanted persons can copy the signal. This makes it possible that unauthorized excess to your door can be obtained. Multiple manufacturers solve this problem by making a rolling code. This rolling code is in the meantime also not safe anymore. Despite of that 95% of the rolling codes are not simply to hack, is it still possible and easy to make an extra hand transmitter. An authorized user can easily program several transmitters with his remote control.

Completely safe have a system that prevents third parties from making unwanted extra transmitters. The wireless controls are not duplicable by application of special protocols. Also the unattended expansion of the amount of transmitters is not possible. The extra secured transmitters will be managed in a software package causing that also individual remote controls can be deleted. Ask us for more information about the extra secured hand transmitters.

Buying Transmitter or remote controls?

By the handling of gates, garage doors and other electric driven fencing are in many cases a transmitter involved. By simply pressing on the available buttons opens and close automatically the door. There are also wireless controls with fingerprint recognition, keypads, or pin code tableau. offers different brands as: Aperto, BFT, Came, Cardin, Ditec, Entrya, Faac, Genius, GiBiDi, Hörmann, Cardin, JCM, Marantec, MFZ, Nice, Normstahl, Novoferm, Somfy, Sommer en Telcoma.

These transmitters are functional on the frequencies 27Mhz, 40 Mhz., or 868 Mhz. Besides that, there are systems with rolling codes, fixed code and codes which are replicable from remote control to remote control (onsite programming or also known as self-learning). There are also systems with 1, 2, 4, 12, 15 and even 30 channels which makes it possible that you can operate 30 different devices in the range of the sender. But under normal circumstances is a small quantity of channels enough because you can use a channel at many more places, not only at home for your garage door. As long as the receiver is not in range of another receiver. With other words: you can use channel 1 in a city A but also in city B. Because the remote control will never have both devices in the rang so they never operate exactly at the same time. Causing that the channels of a transmitter are multifunctional usable.

We have also duplicable-transmitters in the package. With these transmitters is it possible to copy the signal of an already working remote control. These are applied for the models which we can’t deliver or it’s because of that they are cheaper than the original transmitters.

Receivers and switching elements

A receiver is necessary to switch something radiographically with a transmitter. These are in different types. From loose cabinets which switch a relais till a small printed circuit board which can be plugged in easily at a control box. Besides that, there are special receivers which can be plugged in at a power-point. Causing the handling of the gate or door and also the light in the room, or even the roll-down shutters, curtains or the sunscreen with your transmitter. Everything with just one remote control. We have just like the wireless controls universal receivers. This receiver accepts almost every brand and type transmitter. Causing that you can operate on new location a gate or something like that with your (old) existing transmitter.