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Remote control Tele Radio T20TX-03NKM with 3 channels on 869MHz

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  • TeleRadio

  • T20TX-03NKM

  • 3 channels

  • 869MHz
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3-channel remote control: T20TX-03NKM. Provided with a unique code from the factory.
Also known as the CO-TX-NKM3

Protection: IP65

PAY ATTENTION: This is the remote control with a YELLOW LED which functions at 869MHz. There is also a version RED LED which functions at 433MHz called the T20TX-03NKL. Both remote controls cannot be used interchangeably.

To use as a replacement for:

Tele Radio T20TX-01NKM
Tele Radio T20TX-02NKM
Tele Radio T20TX-03NKM

Technical specifications:

3 buttons
3 channels
Reach approx. 150 meters in open field
Frequency 869 MHz FM modulated
16 millions possible codes
1x CR2032 lithium battery 3 V
Dimensions: L71 x W39 x D13 mm


Number of pushbuttons 3
Radio Frequency 869MHz
Color of button Black
Color of LED Yellow or Amber
Radio code Teleradio Cougar T20
Number of channels 3
Rolling code? No
Self learning? No
Homelink compatibel? No
Battery type CR2032 3V Lithium
Brand Tele Radio