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Remote Tedsen Teletaster SKX44MD mini with 4 channels

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Hand-held transmitter Tedsen Teletaster SKX44MD

The Tedsen Teletaster SKX22MD is a 4-channel handheld transmitter with an additional 2-piece dip switch for entering a code per channel. The hand-held transmitter operates on a frequency of 433MHz and cannot simply be duplicated by others.

This SKX44MD is suitable for controlling Tedsen brand receivers and blinds.

Important to know:
This transmitter operates at 433Mhz and has 4 individual programmable channels. This is in contrast to the SKX4MD whose channels cannot be individually programmed. Furthermore, this is a "Tedsen SKX" hand-held transmitter which functions at 433 Mhz. There are also "Tedsen SFX" and "Tedsen SM" handheld transmitters which operate on a different frequency. These handheld transmitters are not compatible with this Tedsen Teletaster SKX22MD.

This hand-held transmitter is compatible with the receivers/drives:

  • EKX receivers
  • SunTed series receivers

Programming hand transmitter:

Set dip-switches in new hand-held transmitter equal to the old hand-held transmitter.
No old hand-held transmitter? Then set DIP switches to match the receiver setting!
If the old (working) transmitter is also an SKX22MD or SKX44MD, then you can NOT adopt the DIP switch settings!
You must then get the code from another transmitter or the receiver


Radio Frequency 433MHz
Color of button Black
Color of LED Yellow or Amber
Radio code Tedsen Teletaster SKX (433 DIP)
Number of channels 4
Rolling code? No
Self learning? No
Homelink compatibel? No
Battery type 23A / LR23 / MN21 12V Alkaline
Brand Tedsen Teletaster

Compatible with

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  • Berner_SKX3MD - Remote Berner SKX3MD
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