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Remote Tedsen Teletaster SKX2GS mini with 2 channels

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Design remote Teletaster SKX2SG with 2 channels

Programming your remote:
Set DIP-switches in your new remote equal to the settings in your old remote. Don't have an old remote? Consult the settings found in your receiver.


Radio Frequency 433MHz
Color of button Black
Color of LED Blue
Radio code Tedsen Teletaster SKX (433 DIP)
Number of channels 2
Rolling code? No
Self learning? No
Homelink compatibel? No
Battery type 23A / LR23 / MN21 12V Alkaline
Brand Tedsen Teletaster

Compatible with

Alternative for

  • Berner_SKX2MD - Remote Berner SKX2MD
  • Berner_SKX3MD - Remote Berner SKX3MD
  • Berner_SKX4MD - Remote Berner SKX4MD
  • Elka_SKX1MD - Remote Elka SKX1MD
  • Elka_SKX2MD - Remote Elka SKX2MD
  • Elka_SKX3MD - Remote Elka SKX3MD
  • Elka_SKX4MD - Remote Elka SKX4MD
  • Stranghöner_SKX1MD - Remote Stranghöner SKX1MD
  • Stranghöner_SKX2MD - Remote Stranghöner SKX2MD
  • Stranghöner_SKX3MD - Remote Stranghöner SKX3MD
  • Stranghöner_SKX4MD - Remote Stranghöner SKX4MD