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Remote Dickert S10-433A4K00 with 4 channels

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Remote Dickert S10-433A4K00 with 4 channels.

NOTE: This is the S10-433A4K00 which works with a rolling code on 433,92MHz. 
There is also a S10-868A4K00 which works with a rolling code on 868,3MHz. Aside from that, there are also two versions with red buttons that work on fixed codes. None of these remotes are compatible.

If you have the S10-433A4K01, then your remote runs on special software and is not compatible with the S10-433A4K00
This remote is also available under the names Abon / Normstahl / Entrematic, but these remotes also run on special software making them incompatible with each other

Programming your remote:
Program directly to the receiver. Consult the manual of your controller/opener/receiver.


Number of pushbuttons 4
Radio Frequency 433MHz
Color of button Blue
Color of LED Green
Radio code Dickert KeeLoq Code
Number of channels 4
Rolling code? Yes
Self learning? No
Homelink compatibel? No
Battery type 23A / LR23 / MN21 12V Alkaline
Brand Dickert