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Remote Key Automation SUB 44WR (WIT)

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Remote SUB 44WR (color White) by Key Automation.
Water and dust proof.

NOTE: There are different versions of this remote, with each their own LED light color.
Do you have on the back of your remote the RDA-logo, then you have the RDA SUB84Z remote which is not compatible.

Blue: Sub-44R (433MHz Rolling code) This remote!
Blue: Sub-84R (868MHz Rolling code)
Red: Sub-44 (433MHz Fixed code)
Green: Sub-44WN (433MHz Fixed code copier)


Number of pushbuttons 4
Radio Frequency 433MHz
Color of button White
Color of LED Blue
Radio code Key Automation Rolling Code
Number of channels 4
Rolling code? Yes
Self learning? No
Homelink compatibel? No
Battery type CR2032 3V Lithium
Brand Key Automation

Compatible with

  • E25Q-433A400 - Receiver Dickert E25Q-433A400 230V 4 kanalen
  • SUB44BR - Remote Key Automation SUB-44BR
  • SUB44DR - Remote Key Automation SUB-44DR
  • SUB44MR - Remote Key Automation SUB-44MR
  • SUB44OR - Remote Key Automation SUB-44OR
  • SUB44R - Remote Key Automation SUB-44R
  • SUB44RR - Remote Key Automation SUB-44RR
  • SUB44GR - Remote Key Automation SUB44GR