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Remote Faac XT4 433 SL with 4 channels Blue/Orange

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Remote Faac XT4 433 SL with 4 channels
This is the replacement for the older TML2 / TML4 series remotes.

NOTE:this a blue remote with orange print!
This remote is intended as a replacement for the older TML2 and TML4 433 SLR transmitters. Does your old remote have an orange Faac-logo, then it can be replaced. Does your old remote have a white logo? Then it is not compatible.

Note: these remotes can be blocked using special software. This is irreversible, rendering the use of the remote impermanent.. This means we can't take back the product under terms of warranty.

The remote can be duplicated from remote to remote, if the master remote hasn't been blocked.

Remote to remote:
Hold both remotes together head-to-head. Push the button that you normally use on your master remote and hold it down. Now push the desired button of the new remote and hold it down as well. De LED of the remote will blink twice, followed by shining constantly. Now release both buttons.

Block master remote in order to prevent duplication:
This process is IRREVERSIBLE
- Push both buttons on the remote, and the LED will begin to blink slowly.
- Push button 1 and release it, LED will blink quickly
- Push button 2 and release it, LED will shine constantly
- Push button 1 and the LED will confirm by blinking twice slowly, after which it will shine constantly.


Number of pushbuttons 4
Radio Frequency 433MHz
Color of button Black
Color of LED Blue
Radio code Faac TM
Number of channels 4
Rolling code? Yes
Self learning? Yes
Homelink compatibel? Yes
Battery type CR2032 3V Lithium
Brand Faac