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ENTRAsys-GD kit vingerprintlezer en ontvanger

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  • Wireless
  • max. 50–80 Fingerprints
  • administrators: max. 9 fingerprints

Kit consisting of a wall transmitter with biometric activation at 868 MHz for 4 channels and max. 50 fingers and a receiver RX04-RM02-868-2 TT for max. 448 transmitter and 2 channels.
A handy display helps you to use and program the finger scanner. You do not have to unscrew the device to learn fingers: you can add and delete fingers with a master finger and the super fast finger scanner.

Wireless fingerprint reader is also easy to combine with the receivers:

  • RX02A
  • RX02B

Encoding: Somloq1


Brand Sommer
Frequency 868MH
Self learning? No
Rolling code? No
Homelink compatibel? No
Receiver channels? 1
Fingerprint No

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