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Batterij CR2032

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Battery model: 2032
Type: CR (Lithium-Ion) & nbsp;
Voltage: 3V
Current: Approx. 235mAh & nbsp;
Size: 20 x 3.2mm & nbsp;

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Button cells are used in many portable electronic devices. Examples include: hearing aids, watches, calculators, analog cameras, digital cameras, memo recorders, MP3 players, remote controls, computers, all kinds of toys and the like. Just as with normal batteries, many new developments are taking place in button cells. In addition to carbon zinc button cells, there are also types based on alkaline, zinc-air, lithium, NiMH, lithium-ion and more. Rechargeable versions of a number of models are also available, but these have a considerably smaller capacity than the non-rechargeable counterparts.

A & nbsp; button cell & nbsp; (English: & nbsp; button cell , also & nbsp; < / span> coin cell ) is a disk-shaped & nbsp; battery & nbsp; which consists of a metal canister with a metal lid, usually with the & nbsp; < span style = "font-size: 12px;"> pluspool & nbsp; and the cover is connected to the negative pole. The name refers to its resemblance to a & nbsp; node & nbsp; and to the fact that it is only one battery cell. There are many types of button cells in all sizes and with different voltages and energy content. < / p>


Battery type CR2032 3V Lithium
Batterij Voltage 3V
Size 20 × 3,2 mm