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Remote Sommer Pearl TX55-868-4

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  • Sommer

  • Unlimited support

  • 868MHz

Remote Sommer Pearl TX55-868-4

The Sommer Pearl is a modern 4-channel remote with 4 buttons. The Sommer Pearl has large buttons for easy use. This remote comes with a rolling code with a very secure 128Bit AES encryption. You can program the Sommer Pearl directly to your receiver. This remote is suited for the control of receivers and openers by the brand Sommer with a frequency of 868MHz.

The Sommer Pearl TX55-868-4 comes with a Benelux region code and is only compatible with devices that share the same region code. On the image below, you can clearly see the region code near the white arrow. The region code on the Pearl is 'V656'. Does your current remote come with the same region code? Then this new remote is compatible with your installation.

Region codes

4019V657 (Matex)
4019V078 (Belisol)


Switching between SOMloq and SOMloq2 coding
Basically, this remote is ready to be used with an 128Bit receiver (SOMloq2) and the LED light will be orange/amber. By holding down the button longer, the LED light will turn red and the remote will switch to 64Bit (SOMloq1)

If the remote has been coupled to an older SOMloq1 receiver, and you then program it to the new SOMloq2 receiver, it will no longer function on the old receiver.
If you then press down the button for 3 seconds, the remote will go to repeater mode and will transmit 5 times for about 15 seconds long.

If you couple the remote with a SOMloq2 receiver first, then you have to push the button 5 times before you can switch it back to SOMloq1 mode. When doing this, make sure to be out of the reach of your SOMloq2 receiver.


Number of buttons 4
Frequency 868MH
Color of button Gray
Color of LED Red
Coding Sommer SOMloq2 (128Bit AES)
Number of channels 4
Rolling code? Yes
Self learning? No
Homelink compatibel? Yes
Battery type CR2032 3V Lithium
Brand Sommer

Somloq2 instruction video