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Detector 1 kanaal 230V VEK MNE1-R230-A

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  • 1 Channel

  • 11 pole socket

  • Includes USB plug

Detector 1 channel 230V

  • 11-pin socket

NEW: Equipped with USB plug for diagnosis and configuration
DTFC: digital temperature frequency control
Automatic adjustment at start-up
Type: VEK MNE1-R230-A

Never change the current detector brand and type to a different type, especially another brand if you are not 100% sure the 11-leg base connection and loop specifications are identical to your existing detector.

Loop detector for 11-pin socket and equipped with a USB connection for diagnosis and service via PC or tablet, with freely available software.
Galvanic separation between loops and detector technology.
A high detection speed and the automatic calibration at start-up makes this device your ideal vehicle detector!


Operating voltage 230 Vac + N + PE ( 1 phase)
Channel 1
Brand Feig