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Cifero XT codetableau kit

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  • 10 Pushbuttons

  • Micro SD-Cardreader for back-ups

  • Max 60 codes

Cifero Keypad:
Durable quality in a compact housing.

With CIFERO XT, Entrya Technologies bundles the most modern techniques in computer-controlled access control. Do you opt for an electronic access system? Then the classic key is a thing of the past. You open the door of your home or business with a numeric code. This increases your safety and comfort.

Sturdy and durable system
The designers opted for a keyboard in solid material. The stainless steel lasts a lifetime in all weather conditions. The sturdy aluminum cover gives no chance of damage. In addition, a test procedure of up to 13 million activations proved that CIFERO XT can withstand heavy
use of the keys.

Backlit keys in modern design
The keys of CIFERO XT are backlit. Very useful when you have to enter your code at night. The keys also provide a nice click feeling and are optimally incorporated into the keyboard. The result? A beautiful, contemporary design.

Withstands all temperatures
CIFERO XT is kept ice-free by a built-in heater. It switches on automatically with the first freezing cold. Thanks to the six heating elements, the buttons continue to function. Even in extreme cold.

Private homes, offices and industrial companies are increasingly equipped with electronic equipment to provide access. The replacement of the classic key is a relief for the owner, but also a pleasure for the users who are authorized to operate the door lock directly with their individual pin code.

Separate controller with dual function
The decoder of the signal is placed inside. You open or close the door with it. And you can set or change codes with it. Did you install the controller in a hard to reach place for safety reasons? Then you can also control the code management via the keypad.

Easy to use
The intelligent keypad recognizes the correct code without asking for confirmation. Are you mistaken? No problem, you just enter your code again. Is someone watching
? You don't have to worry about that either. The system guarantees confidentiality, because you can hide your secret code between a number of
random numbers.

Computer Aided Code Management
The controller contains a reader for a micro SD card. This allows you to easily copy your codes to a PC. You indicate who has access to which rooms and
reads the edited codes with the memory card. An efficient system if you have a lot of user codes that you have to change often. And handy as a backup system!

We don't just say the Cifero is the best, we prove it too!

The Entrya Cifero keypad has been around for 3 years!
Shortly after its launch, the Cifero has established a clear place in the market thanks to its ease of use and reliability.
We have every confidence in it, which is why you will receive a 5-year warranty from us on every Cifero you order from today. *

No freezing keys
Thanks to the built-in heating element, Cifero defies the coldest temperatures. An external 12Vdc 0.5A power supply (or the PSH power supply) is required for the heating.

Simple code management
Code management is also possible via PC.

Illuminated keys
Illuminated keys make the numbers clearly visible even at night.


Number of buttons 10
number of users 60
Number of relay outputs 1
Brand Entrya