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Remote Dickert MAHS433-04 with 4 channels

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  • 4 Channels

  • 433 MHz

  • Dip Switch (DIP-10)
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  • Unlimited online support

Remote control Dickert MAHS433-04 with 4 channels.

NOTE : This handheld transmitter is the MAHS433-01 with a yellow LED light. The version with a red LED light is a MAHS40-04 and the version with a green LED light is the S10-433A4L00. Both types are not interchangeable with this MAHS433-04 version. There are also hand transmitters with a different color push button (red / blue / orange) and different color LED lights, but all are NOT interchangeable.

This transmitter is compatible (interchangeable) with:
Dickert MAHS433-54

Set the microswitches on the inside (DIP-10) to match an already functioning handheld transmitter . No working handheld transmitter? Then align them with the microswitches on the receiver / drive.


Radio Frequency 433MHz
Color of button Purple -violet
Color of LED Red
Radio code Dickert Linear Code 18Bit (DIP-10)
Number of channels 4
Rolling code? No
Self learning? Yes
Homelink compatibel? No
Battery type 23A / LR23 / MN21 12V Alkaline
Brand Dickert

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